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Founded in 2016, Bimirth is a UK-based brand which is specialized in the field of feeding infants. The founder Sarah Davis used to be a nutritionist for newborns. She found that many new parents were clumsy when feeding their babies and the pregnancy joy was replaced by the busy childcare. She started to develop small appliances to help feeding easily. The brand “Bimirth” was created as a result. The key word “MIRTH” means “happiness” and the prefix “Bi” means “double”, the brand was create to wish there is a happy and memorable feeding moments in their life!

Quality and material

All of Bimirth’s products are BPA-free. Bimirth cares what you care. We want to give your child the best possible start in life. Bmirth electric item have got CE, Rohs, FCC certificates and test reports. 

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